75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights are Human Rights

9 December, 2023


On the occasion of the 75th Human Rights Day on 10 December 2023,

SRHM calls for the ongoing respect, protection and fulfilment of sexual and reproductive health and rights as human rights.

The 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), together with the upcoming anniversaries of ICPD+ 30 and Bejing +30, unite us towards a renewed collective action for a solid and sustained realization of sexual and reproductive rights as a matter of equality and social justice. 

SRHM stands strong and with a renewed commitment and mission to bring evidence- and rights-based knowledge to action in service to this mission. 

Please read our collection of papers celebrating the 75th Annniversary of the UDHR, translating evidence-based knowledge into rights-based realities.


“Effective social justice advocacy: a theory of change framework for assessing progress” – reflections on the terrain since its publication in 2011 Barbara Klugman

Advocacy for resourcing feminist and women’s rights movements: an interview with the association for women’s rights in development (AWID) Cindy Clark, Kasia Staszewska, Tenzin Dolker & T.K. Sundari Ravindran

Forgotten by donors: a call to action by persons with disabilities to resource disability justice within sexual and reproductive health rights funding Lisa Adams

Is there an alternative to grant-funding for sexual and reproductive health advocacy? A survey of the income base of AmplifyChange grantees Alex le May & Lucie Hazelgrove-Planel

Preferences for onward health data use in the electronic age among maternity patients and providers in South Africa: a qualitative study Amnesty LeFevre, Olivia Welte, Kearabetswe Moopelo, et al.

Opening a portal to pleasure based sexual and reproductive health around the globe; a qualitative analysis and best practice development study Rhiana Mills, Katie Northcott, Emese Kovacs & Anne Philpott

Sexual and reproductive health and rights and bodily autonomy in a digital world Rajat Khosla,Vidisha Mishra & Sagri Singh

Queer and feminist reflections on sextech Kath Albury, Zahra Stardust & Jenny Sundén

Digital privacy is a sexual health necessity: a community-engaged qualitative study of virtual sex work and digital autonomy in Senegal Juliana Friend

Lessons learned from developing and implementing digital health tools for self-managed abortion and sexual and reproductive healthcare in Canada, the United States, and Venezuela Génesis Luigi-Bravo, Ana Maria Ramirez, Caitlin Gerdts & Roopan Gill

Expanding access to early medical abortion services in Ghana with telemedicine: findings from a pilot evaluation Joseph Adu, Matthea Roemer, Georgina Page, et al.

Decriminalisation and the end of AIDS: keep the promise, follow the science, and fulfill human rights A statement from the UNAIDS Reference Group on HIV and Human Rights


Editorial: Centring rights-based access to self-care interventions Laura Ferguson & Manjulaa Narasimhan

Editorial: Sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice in the war against Ukraine 2022 Eszter Kismödi & Emma Pitchforth

Law, human rights and gender in practice: an analysis of lessons from implementation of self-care interventions for sexual and reproductive health Laura Ferguson, Manjulaa Narasimhan, Jose Gutierrez, William Jardell & Sofia Gruskin


Integrating human rights into sexual and reproductive health research: moving beyond the rhetoric, what will it take to get us there? Sofia Gruskin, William Jardel, Laura Ferguson, et al.


Abortion in the context of COVID-19: a human rights imperative Jaime Todd-Gher & Payal K. Shah


Editorial: Eliminating stigma and discrimination in sexual and reproductive health care: a public health imperative Julia Hussein Laura Ferguson

Ending the abuse: the human rights implications of obstetric violence and the promise of rights-based policy to realise respectful maternity care Caitlin R. Williams & Benjamin Mason Meier

“Righting the wrongs”: addressing human rights and gender equality through research since Cairo
Rajat Khosla, Avni Amin, Pascale Allotey, Carmen Barroso, et al.


Editorial: Addressing disrespect and abuse during childbirth in facilities Gita Sen,Bhavya Reddy, Aditi Iyer & Shirin Heidari

The state of human rights in relation to key populations, HIV and sexual and reproductive health Oagile Bethuel Key Dingake

Aligning human rights and social norms for adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights Ana Maria Buller & Marie Celine Schulte 


Editorial: Care with dignity in humanitarian crises: ensuring sexual and reproductive health and rights of displaced populations Monica Adhiambo Onyango & Shirin Heidari

The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its take on sexuality Felipe Jaramillo Ruiz