Considering the moment, our historical strengths and the needs of the movements working on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) worldwide, these are the 7 Key Outcomes SRHM intends to achieve by the end of 2026:

1- SRH researchers, activists, policy makers, communities use strong rights- and evidence-based SRH knowledge for legal, policy and service delivery change

2- The knowledge of local activists, experts, and services providers is amplified, influencing law and policy making and programme development worldwide and the voice of communities is considered to be evidence

3- A new generation or SRHR researchers and activists are emerging with skills of creating rights- and evidence-based knowledge for action

4- Silos within and across SRHR movements are broken down, with different SRHR stakeholder groups learning from each other and using well informed strategies at local and global levels

5- Parliamentarians, judges, politicians, international and national policy makers are effectively using counternarratives to disinformation influencing international and government action all over the world

6- Policy makers and programme implementers are working for improved SRH services by effective use of positive examples of rights-based SRH service provision

7- Abortion activists, policy makers and politicians are empowered with knowledge and new evidence-based strategies they are using to influence the abortion agenda at the international and national levels

In working to achieve all of the above, SRHM also strives to be an organisation with strengthened institutional and financial sustainability in order to maintain SRHM’s core mission, vision and values.

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