Call for Papers

SRHM 2024 Open Issue

Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters (SRHM) is now welcoming submissions for the 2024 Open Issue. This year, the journal will be publishing a single issue containing articles across the breadth of topics relating to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), rather than launching separate themed issues each with individual calls for papers.

More information about SRHM can be found here.

Our focus in 2024

Today, as the field faces challenges that threaten to turn back progress in securing SRHR, we stand even stronger in our commitment to strengthen the role of evidence, to build alliances and to orient evidence towards action. SRHM is calling for submissions on all SRHR topics, particularly those which bring a rights focus to neglected and marginalised issues, as well as those whose lead authors are from the Global South. We hope that this year’s Open Issue will bring documentation and analysis of progressive examples of upholding SRHR, as well as addressing critical gaps in the field:

  • Coalition building across the ICPD agenda and political obstruction of sexual and reproductive autonomy

As the SRHR community marks ICPD+30, we are calling for novel evidence situated in the current global contexts and local political environments to advance SRHR, particularly in the face of opposition to and erosion of the advances and rights gained since ICPD.

We have seen how political actions and regimes can support or obstruct sexual and reproductive autonomy and choice. With national elections being held in countries covering around half of the world’s population in 2024, there is potential for significant impact on SRHR.

Furthermore, conflict, war, global emergencies and humanitarian crises are simultaneously devastating populations, human rights and health systems in many countries. The role of rights- and evidence-based knowledge in informing legal, policy and health system developments, as well as advocacy and coalition building, is particularly important in these contexts.

It is crucial to understand from local and regional perspectives what the priorities are in addressing challenges to sexual and reproductive autonomy within rapidly changing environments, and what forms of evidence may be needed and by whom. In the context of polarisation and division promoted by anti-SRHR actors, the role of effective coalitions will be vital. This may include what is working and not working well across topics, actors, populations and geographical locations, and the opportunities for coalescing around the promotion of rights across different agendas. Papers might also examine the opportunities and challenges for coalitions created through the use of social media and digital technologies.


We encourage rights-based submissions from across disciplines, and we welcome diversity and innovation in methodologies, approaches and perspectives. Full details of the wide range of article types that SRHM publishes can be found in our instructions for authors.

Please read the instructions for authors before submitting online. When prompted, please select the option indicating that your manuscript is a ‘non-themed issue paper’.

Article publishing charges, waivers and discounts

Accepted manuscripts are subject to article publishing charges (APCs) – full details can be found in the instructions for authors. APC discounts and waivers are available under certain circumstances and are managed by our publishing partner, Taylor & Francis. Details of their waiver policy are provided here.