Digital Justice and Sexual and Reproductive health and rights

14 December, 2023


What measures are needed to safegueard human rights for SRH in the digital space? Which mechanisms can advance legal, social and health systems accountability? 

The webinar, held on 6 December 2023, brought conversations together around evidence and policy considerations for a strong call for the adoption of social justice and rights-based frameworks related to the development, adoption, and implementation of digital technologies for the advancement of SRHR.We heard from expert authors of the SRHM issue, Digital Technology and SRHR.This webinar formed part of the Gender & Health Hub Virtual Forum 2023 organized by Gender and Health Hub, UNU-IIGH.

Key takeaways:

  • Digital technologies are not a panacea, they are a tool to use to accomplish SRHR for all.
  • Frameworks developed for digital technologies and SRHR need to consider intersectional dimensions of discrimination – people’s disability status, sexuality, race, gender, and socioeconomic status. They need to be inclusive and not further perpetuating inequalities.

The panel stressed that:

  • We need a comprehensive approach to digital justice, considering access dimensions, design issues, decision-making processes, and gender dimensions.
  • We need practical approaches to combat violence against women and attacks on transgender and gender-diverse individuals in online spaces.
  • We need digital privacy policies that are accessible and consent processes co-created with end-users.


Watch the recording here: