How we Work

Promoting research and disseminating evidence as an advocacy tool for engaging in global policy discussion

At SRHM publishing research is just the beginning. We need to communicate, inform policies and ultimately, for those policies to translate into practice at the level of service.


SRHM GENERATES EVIDENCE AND RIGHTS-BASED KNOWLEDGE: We provide a unique and dynamic platform for cutting edge, rigorous and reliable knowledge, ideas and evidence, and address gaps in the availability and accessibility of information and analysis on SRHR


SRHM STRENGTHENS CAPACITY FOR KNOWLEDGE GENERATION: We enhance the capacity of SRHR practitioners to produce and use multidisciplinary, rights-based evidence and analysis that links to policy and practice, by publishing their work in the journal and other SRHM platforms.


SRHM INFORMS DIALOGUE AND ADVOCACY: We ensure that SRHR advocacy, policy and practice are informed and influenced by rigorous evidence- and rights-based analysis, working collaboratively with partners and allies to influence political and policy agendas.

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