SRHM acts as a trusted, independent and strategic source of knowledge, capacity building and advocacy information for researchers, academics, policymakers, service providers and activists. 


Our strategic goals:



We create and pursue innovative approaches for rights- and evidence-based knowledge generation and sharing that informs SRH service delivery, policy and advocacy.

What do we do? 

    • Publish a peer-reviewed, open-access journal
    • Expand the boundaries of SRHR discussion
    • Give priority to the voices of the global South and other marginalized groups


We ensure that strategic dialogue and action generate greater political awareness and progressive changes in SRHR laws, policies, programmes, services and advocacy informed by evidence, human rights and social justice.

What do we do?

    • Contribute to setting research and policy agendas
    • Link rights- and evidence-based knowledge to action
    • Augment the voices of the most marginalised
    • Lead and contribute to strategic advocacy


We contribute to a stronger and more diverse cadre of researchers, program and policy makers, service delivery providers and advocates who publish, disseminate and use their rights- and evidence-based knowledge.

What do we do?

    • Provide mentoring to authors, especially those from the global South and other marginalized groups
    • Develop and implement SRHR-oriented education and training


We ensure regional, national, and community ownership in knowledge generation linked to capacity-building, influence and advocacy and that diverse voices are represented and amplified.

What do we do? 

    • Establish SRHM hubs for knowledge generation, capacity and influence
    • Enhance the translation of knowledge to specific regional audiences by publishing in 8 languages
    • Influence policy and action on specific SRHR agendas through regional hubs and with local actors