Poetry for sexual and reproductive justice

10 March, 2022


Following a call for poetry, SRHM launched a poetry fair on sexual and reproductive justice. Of the 107 submissions, our Selection Committee invited 57 poets to publish their poems in SRHM’s anthology. To celebrate the release of the complete collection, on 8 March 2022 five guest poets shared their poems and how they came to be.


Jane Cottingham, SRHM Trustee and poet (Switzerland)
Poem: There is where


Megan Spencer (USA)
Poem: on mother’s day, our first together.

Carmen Barroso (Brazil/USA)
Poem: Forgive me, Father

Haiber Andrés Logos Lemus (Colombia)
Poem: Libertad + Amor

Elizabeth Wright Veintimilla (Ecuador/Sweden)
Poem: For the women who came before us

Mahamuda Rahman (Bangladesh/The Netherlands)
Poem: My body is my soul

The SRHM poetry anthology is available here