Letter from RHM Founder Editor Marge Berer on the appointment of Dr Shirin Heidari

9 March, 2015


I am very pleased to announce that Dr Shirin Heidari has been appointed as the new Director and Editor of RHM as of 1st March 2015.

RHM is about to go through a number of changes ‒ no longer being a print journal, becoming online only, publishing more frequently, entering more fully into the electronic publication universe, and becoming a mixed subscription/open access journal.

Peter McEwan, the founder editor of Social Science and Medicine, advised me when I went to talk to him about starting a new journal in 1992, not to stay longer than 25 years as the editor. It was good advice. This is a good moment for a new editor, who brings different perspectives and interests, and lots of wonderful energy, to the task.

I will be working with Shirin part-time, during a transition period, to complete the May 2015 edition of the journal, where I will formally say my goodbyes. From today, I too am moving on to something new.

On behalf of everyone who is part of RHM, I want to extend a warm welcome to Shirin and to wish her the very best as RHM’s new editor. I am sure you will give her your full support in continuing to make RHM a critical journal for the field as the world moves into the post-2015 agenda, a period when continuing support for sexual and reproductive health and rights is and will remain crucial.
With best regards,

Marge Berer
Founder Editor, RHM