Covid-19: What implications for sexual and reproductive health and rights?

27 March, 2020


On Friday 27 March 2020, SRHM hosted a webinar on the implications for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in the era of Covid-19. We were moved by the coming together of the SRHR community during this time to discuss the situations being faced by vulnerable and key populations and the actions that are needed in this emergency response. We were joined by over 1300 participants on Zoom and more than 3500 people logged in to watch via Facebook live. Thank you to everyone who joined and engaged with us.

Watch the recording here:

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Moderated by Eszter Kismődi, Chief Executive, SRHM

List of panelists and discussion topics:

  • Faysal El Kak, Clinical Associate and Director of Women Integrated Sexual Health (WISH); Program-Dept OBGYN- AUBMC; Co-Director CME; Vice President- International Federation Gynecology Obstetrics (FIGO); President- Federation of Arab ObGyn Societies (FAGOS): Access to maternal health and abortion services in the time of COVID-19, and addressing the SRH needs of refugee populations
  • Chris Purdy, President and CEO of DKT International: How will COVID-19 affect global access to contraceptives — and what can we do about it?
  • Emily Christie, Senior Adviser, Human Rights and Law ,UNAIDS: Rights in the time of COVID-19: Lessons from HIV for an effective, community-led response
  • Amin Avni, Technical Officer, Violence Against Women, World Health Organization: Understanding and addressing gender and violence against women in context of COVID-19
  • Lizzie Kiama, Managing Trustee, This Ability Trust: Situating disability in the time of COVID-19
  • Mauro Cabral Grinspan, Executive Director, GATE: Surviving while Trans. Human rights issues faced by trans people in the COVID pandemic

We also heard comments from Antonella Lavalanet from the World Health Organization who gave some reflections on abortion as well as Elisabeth Smith from the Center for Reproductive Rights who addressed the Ohio and Texas regulation on abortion.

We would like to invite commentaries to our open Call for Papers: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the era of Covid-19.

Also see our latest editorial by SRHM Editor in Chief, Julia Hussein, Covid-19: What implications for sexual and reproductive health and rights?

Resources mentioned in the webinar:

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