Challenging the notion of evidence: bringing rights into SRHR research

10 May, 2022


In May 2022, SRHM held a symposium in New Delhi and online with the aim to create space for dialogue on:

  • Deconstructing the notion and hierarchy of evidence
  • Pushing methodological boundaries in SRHR research
  • Questioning what constitutes “evidence-based”, a “researcher”, and what is “scientifically appropriate”
  • Questioning power in research and ensuring participation

Topics covered included consent and contraception, forced sterilisation, generating change in abortion and rape laws, knowledge creation for eliminating violence against women, enhancing sexuality education and equality for women living with disability, and more.

Watch the recording here:

Panelists in New Delhi included Subhasri Balakrishnan, Priya Das, Priya Nanda, and Sana Contractor from India, and Prabina Bajracharya from Nepal. Global discussants connecting virtually included Sabina Faiz Rashid, Sara Hossain and Taqbir Huda from Bangladesh, Zahra Stardust from Australia, Allan Maleche from Kenya, Esther Corona from Mexico, and Avni Amin from Switzerland.

The symposium was moderated by Eszter Kismődi, Sundari Ravindran and Sapna Desai.