Accountability in sexual and reproductive health and rights research

18 May, 2021


On May 17, 2021, we hosted a webinar on accountability as part of a dialogue series on rights-based research and knowledge creation for sexual and reproductive health.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) laws, policies and programmes across the world are increasingly influenced by ideologically-inspired politics and rhetoric, which lack any basis of evidence, often violate human rights, and damage health.

This dialogue series will address how rights principles, such as accountability, autonomy, non-discrimination and participation can be made as main components of SRHR research for the advancement of evidence and rights based laws, policies and practices.

The first event of this series focused on accountability and explored the core areas that SRHR accountability research must address, including social and political contextualisation of accountability, unpacking the operations of power, the context of community driven accountability interventions and addressing marginalisation through accountability research.


Sana Contractor – Independent Consultant, India
The importance of incorporating accountability into SRHR research

Victoria Boydell – Research Fellow at the Global Health Centre, Geneva Graduate Institute, United Kingdom
The contexts for researching accountability for SRHR

Marta Schaaf – Global Health Justice Advocate, Health Systems and SRHR Researcher, USA
Interrogating power within the context of accountability

Ricki Kgositau –Executive Director, Accountability International, South Africa
Accountability and marginalised communities: a cross-sectional analysis of criminalization and SRHR

Ana Lorena Ruano – Associate Professor at the Center for International Health at the University and Research and Learning Coordinator at CEGSS, Guatemala
SRHR of Indigenous people in Guatemala: the experience of Community Defenders


Eszter Kismődi, SRHM Chief Executive


SRHM Podcast

We recorded a new episode of the SRHM Podcast introducing the concept of rights-based research and why it matters for SRHR.

We invite you to listen to this episode which also serves as a compliment to this webinar.