Call for Papers: COVID-19

An Open Call for Papers


 SRHM Open Issue
Updated 10 June 2020*

The coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19) has affected aspects of our lives, all over the world, in many ways. As the weeks and months unfold, we are beginning to understand better the impacts and effective responses to the outbreak. In broader public health discussions, sexual and reproductive health and rights can be overlooked. Outbreaks can heighten vulnerabilities of different population groups, accentuate gender inequities and lead to neglect of the needs and rights of the most marginalized, including women and girls, refugees, migrants, people living with disability, people living with HIV, as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people. The pressure on health services has disrupted routine maternity, contraceptive, abortion and other sexual and reproductive health services. Social and economic pressures are increasing domestic and gender-based violence and sexual exploitation. The protection of human rights is an ongoing concern during this global threat.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters seeks to bring to the fore the best and latest rights-based evidence and analysis on the implications of COVID-19 on sexual and reproductive health and rights from across the world. Looking forward to the next phase of local, government and international response, submissions should focus on contributing to a sound evidence-base on impacts and effective responses in sexual and reproductive health and rights. We are seeking original research, including in-depth analytical reviews, secondary synthesis of data and primary research.

Submissions can be made at any time until further notice. Submit papers at: Accepted articles will be published on an ongoing basis in our Open Issue. Please read our Instructions for Authors carefully before submission. Articles will be subject to a full, discounted or waived charge according to publisher processes.


*Updated from previous call for COVID-19 papers, originally issued on 20th March 2020