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What just happened?: Abortion in the U.S. after Roe – Podcast transcript

This blog post is the transcript from an episode of the SRHM Podcast titled What just happened?: Abortion in the U.S. after Roe with Mindy Jane Roseman, Elizabeth Nash and Rachel Rebouché. The SRHM Podcast is available for free on all major platforms.   [Introductory music] Hi Everyone and welcome to the SRHM Podcast. My name is […]

After more than 500 days of deliberation, Colombia decriminalizes abortion

Written by María Mercedes Vivas, Executive Director of the Orientame Foundation in Colombia On the 21st of February, after more than 500 days of deliberation the Constitutional Court in Colombia ruled to decriminalize, under any circumstance, abortion up to 24 weeks of gestation. This enormous victory is the result of a lawsuit presented by Causa Justa, […]

Texas abortion ban: what it means and what happens next

On October 20, SRHM hosted a webinar where we discussed the Texas abortion ban, the strategies being pursued to stop its enforcement and the ban’s implications for sexual and reproductive health and rights in the US and beyond. Context On September 1, the state of Texas implemented Senate Bill 8 (SB8) banning abortion after six […]

Ending Unsafe Abortion in the tribal areas of Balochistan, Pakistan

Written by Gul Meena, Program Manager with YAD Pakistan The Youth Association for Development, YAD Pakistan, is a civil society initiative which has been working in Balochistan from 2005. Sexual and reproductive health and rights is a major thematic area of work including maternal health, access to safe abortion and ending early and forced marriages, […]

Accessing safe abortion services amid the COVID-19 pandemic

In commemoration of Safe Abortion Day on September 28, this blog signposts some of the papers that have appeared in the SRHM journal on abortion during the COVID-19 pandemic.   As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spread around the globe and healthcare systems faced unprecedented demand, many experts warned of the possible consequences this crisis could […]

OPTions Hackathon: Fueling innovation for next generation methods of abortion

Novel methods of abortion could benefit women worldwide, however abortion largely remains an untapped field of innovation. Currently there are two main methods of abortion, manual vacuum aspiration and medical abortion. The introduction of medical abortion (mifepristone and misoprostol) revolutionized abortion care, providing women greater autonomy and ease of abortion administration; yet, it still has […]

The Law and Self-Managed Abortion during COVID19 and Beyond

Written by Patty Skuster, Senior Legal Advisor, Ipas While governments around the world reform laws to make abortion less restrictive, self-managed abortion—ending a pregnancy without formal supervision by a health-care provider, often with pills—remains unauthorized in most countries. The Policy Surveillance Program at Temple University School of Law, USA and Ipas released new data that […]

The Mess in Texas: Litigating COVID-19 Abortion Restrictions

Rachel Rebouché & Adrienne Ghorashi Over the last six weeks, abortion access in the state of Texas has been unclear at best and unavailable at worst. Dueling court orders between a federal trial court and the region’s federal appeals court lifted the suspension of almost all abortions – deemed by the state as “non-essential” healthcare […]

Malta’s medical doctors: No to total ban on abortion

Contrary to the long-held general perception that most doctors in Malta support the current legislation, the SRHM study, Abortion and methods of reproductive planning: the views of Malta’s medical doctor cohort, provides evidence that this is not the case The below is taken from an article covering the SRHM paper in Malta Today by Gilbert […]

Early Abortion Bans: A new wave of anti-abortion strategy and tactics

On Thursday 16 January 2020 SRHM held a webinar to discuss a new wave of anti-abortion strategy and tactics that has been sweeping across the United States and has begun influencing anti-abortion strategy globally. In this webinar, we welcomed Dabney Evans and Subasri Narasimhan to introduce their paper, “A narrative analysis of anti-abortion testimony and legislative debate […]

Pro-lifers exploiting civil rights struggles in bid to ban abortions, says new SRHM research

Press release by Taylor and Francis Read the media coverage by TIME, Newsweek, and The American Prospect. New research launches as state legislatures begin reconvening where bans are likely to be introduced Anti-abortionists ‘appropriating’ laws that protect same-sex couples and Black citizens   Pro-lifers are using civil rights protections to lobby against early abortions, according to research published in […]

Infanticide: A question of government accountability for providing contraception and safe abortion services

Written by: Soukeyna Diallo, Juriste, Member, Comité de plaidoyer pour l’accès à l’avortement médicalisé, and l’Association des Juristes Sénégalaises; Heidi Moseson, Epidemiologist & Associate, Ibis Reproductive Health Ramatou Ouedraogo, Post-doctoral research scholar/Anthropologist, African Population Health Research Center Amy Sakho, Chargée de Programmes et de Communication, Association des Juristes Sénégalaises; Coordonnatrice, Comité de plaidoyer pour l’accès […]

Rights and evidence-based knowledge on safe abortion matters!

We are very grateful to Liza Caruana-Finkel for collaborating on this blog post. Liza is a sexual and reproductive health and rights researcher and activist currently based in the UK.   Rights and evidence-based knowledge on safe abortion matters! The 28th of September is International Safe Abortion Day. It is a day of action: when […]

Inside the illegal abortion market: ‘I nearly touched hell’

Bhekisisa Health Inside the illegal abortion market: ‘I nearly touched hell’  By Wendy Muperi Zimbabwe’s tight abortion laws aren’t curbing demand, they’re driving them underground — and it’s about to get worse. SRHM article, Perceptions of misoprostol among providers and women seeking post-abortion care in Zimbabwe by M Catherine Maternowska, Alexio Mashu, Precious Moyo, et […]

Is the future of abortion online?

RHM article Cytotec in Brazil: ‘At least it doesn’t kill’ (1993) by Margareth Arilha and Regina Maria Barbosa has been cited in two articles in The Conversation: Is the future of abortion online?, and a French article, Avorter « en ligne » pour contourner les législations restrictives (Abortion “online” to circumvent restrictive legislation).  The RHM paper is used to show that long before the […]

The Right to Safe Abortion in South Africa: A Clinician’s Experience

Written by Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng: Abortion provider for 11 years, consultant at Nalane for Reproductive Justice and SRHR expert with a focus on policy, health communications and advocacy. It is 2:14 a.m. on a Friday. I receive an email, with the subject line “Please respond” written in capital letters. I read the body of the email and […]

Argentina: Historic opportunity to legalize abortion

After six failed attempts to make the Congress debate a bill to decriminalize and legalize abortion on request until the 14th week of gestation, a bill is finally being debated. Read more  Source: reprohealthlaw blog

Chile: Constitutional Court abortion decision – now in English

In 2017, the Constitutional Court of Chile upheld the constitutionality of new government legislation that would remove the criminal prohibition on procuring an abortion on three grounds:  when there is imminent risk to the life of the mother, in case of fatal fetal disease, and in cases of rape. The new English translation is available […]

Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion

All over the world activists, academics, clinicians, NGOs and community groups will be marking the international day of action for access to safe and legal abortion. Originating in Latin America, this has become a global event, with actions taking place on every continent including: tweetathons; public meetings; radio shows; drama and art pieces; club nights; […]

Abortion in Chile: Respect the dignity and decisions of women

RHM endorsed a letter to President Bachelet, Nueva Mayoria Coalition, and Chilean Congress from Corporación Humanas, Amnesty International Chile, Observatorio de Género y Equidad, Fondo Alquimia, APROFA, Centro Estudios de la Mujer, Corporación MILES, Corporación Mujeres Lideres para Chile, Fundación Iguales, Instituto de la Mujer, Instituto Igualdad, Observatorio contra el Acoso Callejero, Revolución Democrática, and Colectivo Lemebel […]

Anti-Abortion Violence, USA: A Hate Crime against Women

A guest blog by Marge Berer, Coordinator of the International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) clinic in Colorado Springs, USA, provides cancer screening, STD tests and treatment, breast exams, contraception and abortion, mostly to women. On 27 November an armed gunman entered the clinic, apparently walking […]

Accepting the global reality of ‘self-help’ abortions

A guest post by Marge Berer Co-ordinator International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion originally posted on the Berer Blog Taking medical abortion pills at home to have an abortion, mostly before ten weeks of pregnancy, though not always, is happening in most countries across the world, and each year more than ever. It is […]

Academic lawyers publish draft IHR-compliant abortion legislation for Ireland #repealthe8th

A guest blog post by Dr Ruth Fletcher r.fletcher[at] “First, and perhaps most importantly, we were determined to design a law that would regulate abortion in Ireland by primary reference to the bodily integrity, welfare, agency, autonomy and self-determination of pregnant women” On 29th June @feministsatlaw, an open access journal, published draft abortion legislation for […]

Menstrual Health in a Post-Roe Landscape

Menstrual Health in the U.S. Menstrual health is an important, yet often overlooked, aspect of reproductive autonomy. It encompasses the physical, mental, and social well-being of those who menstruate. Achieving good menstrual health requires access to accurate information, effective and affordable materials, hygienic facilities, a supportive social environment, and the freedom to participate in all […]

Webinar: Donor funding for SRHR advocacy

On 27 September 2023, SRHM hosted a webinar to launch the special journal issue ‘Donor funding for SRHR advocacy’. We were joined by over 100 participants from around the world. Expert speakers discussed effective resource mobilization for SRHR movement-building and advocacy, giving overviews and insights from their papers published in the special issue. While recent […]

Call for papers: Technology & SRHR

CALL FOR PAPERS DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY AND SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH AND RIGHTS Background The evolution of digital technology over the past decades has impacted every facet of our daily lives, including our health and well-being, as well as how we experience our human rights, safety and security.[1] Technologies such as mobile apps, telemedicine and digitalisation […]

Medical Students Dissent Against Overturning of Roe vs. Wade

Written by Snigdha Chigurupati, Sophia Cordes, Hannah Kralles, Sophie Kurschner, Rachel Nassau, Priya Sathyanarayan – a group of medical students in Washington, DC, USA   On June 24, 2022, women and people who are able to get pregnant were stripped of one of their most fundamental human rights: their right to bodily autonomy. The Supreme […]

Challenging the notion of evidence: bringing rights into SRHR research

In May 2022, SRHM held a symposium in New Delhi and online with the aim to create space for dialogue on: Deconstructing the notion and hierarchy of evidence Pushing methodological boundaries in SRHR research Questioning what constitutes “evidence-based”, a “researcher”, and what is “scientifically appropriate” Questioning power in research and ensuring participation Topics covered included […]

Sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice in the war against Ukraine 2022

Eszter Kismödi,a Emma Pitchforthb Chief Executive, Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, Geneva, Switzerland Executive Editor, Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, London, UK. Correspondence: [email protected] *This editorial has been published in the SRHM Journal. It is available here.   While campaigning for sexual and reproductive health and rights remains a day-to-day concern, wars, such as the […]

Trans Reproductive Justice – podcast transcript

This blog post is the transcript from an episode of the SRHM Podcast titled Trans Reproductive Justice with Avery Everhart, Blas Radi and A.J. Lowik. The SRHM Podcast is available for free on all major platforms. [Introductory music] Hi everyone and welcome to the SRHM Podcast. My name is Nina Sun and I am an […]

New Evidence Offers Blueprint to Accelerate Family Planning Immediately After Pregnancy

Written by Siti Nurul Qomariyah, Research and Evaluation Director, Jhpiego Indonesia and Michael Muthamia, Senior Technical Officer, Jhpiego Kenya  A woman’s right to use family planning throughout her reproductive years should be valued, protected, and secured—especially in the period of time right after giving birth or losing a baby. This right is enshrined in numerous […]

Human Rights and the Fight Against Retrogression in the U.S.

Written by Risa E. Kaufman, Director, U.S. Human Rights, Center for Reproductive Rights As the threat of U.S. retrogression on abortion rights increases, so do demands for human rights. This year, state legislatures throughout the United States enacted historic numbers of abortion restrictions and bans. Texas Senate Bill 8 illustrates the extreme nature of these […]

Age of consent laws in India restrict access to sexual and reproductive health for young people, says new SRHM article

Hard-earned rights are being reversed when restrictive laws criminalize young people’s sexual exploration, according to an article published in the peer-reviewed journal Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters (SRHM). Since India increased the age of consent from 16 to 18 it triggered a movement – which continues today – criminalizing young people’s sexuality. This protectionist law […]

We’re missing the full picture in reproductive choice

Written by Andrea Sprockett, Chief Operating Officer at Metrics for Management. She is also passionate about equitable health service delivery. Despite widespread recognition that reproductive health should embrace the full range of choices including contraception, antenatal and postnatal care, and safe abortion, we, as a community, too often fail to include the other side of […]

The impact of the global Gag Rule on women and girls worldwide

The SRHM special issue in collaboration with Columbia University, Exporting Harm: the impact of the Global Gag Rule on sexual and reproductive health and rights includes case studies from Madagascar, Nepal and Kenya as well as commentaries on the policy’s effects. The research published in this issue has been feature in various news sources. CNN: […]

Looking back and pushing forward: Radically shifting how we work, learn, and think  about sexual and reproductive health globally

Written by Emily Harris, a Master of Public Health student at the University of Waterloo. She also holds a Master of Arts in globalization and international development with a concentration in women’s studies. She is passionate about the intersection of health and reproductive rights and has worked in different capacities with institutions that aim to promote […]

Couples’ Contraceptive Behavior and COVID-19: Understanding the Impact of the Pandemic on Demand and Access

Written by Sneha Sharma, Senior Research and Program Associate (ICRW ASIA); Sharmishtha Nanda, Technical Specialist (ICRW ASIA); Kuhika Seth, Technical Specialist (ICRW ASIA); Aishwarya Sahay, Research Associate (ICRW ASIA) and Pranita Achyut, Director-Research and Programs (ICRW ASIA)[1] Our lives have radically changed since the onset of the pandemic at the beginning of the year. COVID-19 […]

Francophone Africa: What priorities in sexual and reproductive health?

In September 2020, SRHM partners, the Moroccan non-governmental organisation All for Reproductive Health/Ensemble pour la Santé Sexuelle et Reproductive (ESR) and the National School of Public Health (ENSP), published the 6th edition of the French SRHM Journal – Questions de Santé Sexuelle et Reproductive. Read the journal issue here   One month prior to the […]

As COVID-19 soars in Latin America, digital innovations offer women and girls a lifeline

Written by Pilar Montalvo, Senior Program Officer, Planned Parenthood Global Latin America Program   When Elena* first realized she was pregnant, her first reaction was fear. Not the nervous jitters experienced by many first-time parents—but true terror. Her domestic partner, who had forbidden her to use contraception, was using drugs and was prone to violence […]

How covid-19 increased the need for family planning in India

A paper titled Impact of covid-19 on family planning services in India, published in the SRHM journal said the figures paint a grim picture of limited family planning service provision and increase in unmet need for family planning. THE BELOW IS TAKEN FROM COVERAGE OF THE SRHM PAPER IN LIVEMINT.COM   NEW DELHI: At a time […]

Protecting contraceptive access amidst COVID-19; don’t let the past divert us from meeting today’s needs

By John Skibiak John Skibiak is the Director of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition, the world’s largest voluntary network of reproductive health organizations, working with health systems, manufacturers, distributors, providers and educators to increase access to a range of quality-assured, affordable contraceptive methods.   Women should have access to the contraception they need, when they […]

Sexual and reproductive health and rights in the era of COVID-19

Editorial COVID-19: What implications for sexual and reproductive health and rights globally? Julia Hussein, 2020 2020 Abortion in the context of COVID-19: a human rights imperative Jaime Todd-Gher & Payal K Shah The reproductive health fall-out of a global pandemic Julie G Thorne, Marie Buitendyk, Righa Wawuda, et al. Perspectives from a webinar: COVID-19 and […]


Written by Shreshtha Das, Consultant for SRHM Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters (SRHM, formerly Reproductive Health Matters) has long been considered as a truly global open access peer-reviewed Journal.  It has, however, always been much more than a journal. A broader commitment has been manifested in the translation of selected papers into seven language editions […]

Covid 19: a wake-up call to eliminate barriers to SRHR

Written by Christina Zampas, human rights lawyer and Associate Director of Global Advocacy at the Center for Reproductive Rights Barriers to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services have always existed but the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the fore the stark reality of these barriers. The general population across the globe is now experiencing what […]

Covid-19: What implications for sexual and reproductive health and rights?

On Friday 27 March 2020, SRHM hosted a webinar on the implications for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in the era of Covid-19. We were moved by the coming together of the SRHR community during this time to discuss the situations being faced by vulnerable and key populations and the actions that are […]

Covid-19 Shines a Light on South Africa’s Stark Inequalities

Written by Sarah Pugh, Independent Consultant, Cape Town, South Africa On Sunday, 15 March, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a national State of Disaster, encompassing measures such as visa bans, travel restrictions, school closures and the restriction of gatherings over 100 people. The first case of the novel coronavirus Covid-19 was reported on 5 […]

Call for Papers: COVID-19

An Open Call for Papers SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH AND RIGHTS IN THE ERA OF COVID-19  SRHM Open Issue Updated 10 June 2020* The coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19) has affected aspects of our lives, all over the world, in many ways. As the weeks and months unfold, we are beginning to understand better the impacts […]

South Asia Regional Hub

SRHM has undertaken an initiative to create a South Asia regional hub to advance SRHR rights and generate evidence-based knowledge from five countries namely; India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The hub aims to bring together SRHR organisations, practitioners, researchers, academics and advocates, government champions, youth leaders and other key stakeholders who are committed […]


It has been a year of significant achievements for SRHM and for the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) community as a whole. Along with the SRHR community, in 2019 we commemorated the 25th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development, culminating in the Nairobi ICPD25 summit in November. We acknowledge and […]

Human Rights Day: Calling for a greater sense of accountability for SRHR

On Human Rights Day 2019, SRHM is calling for a greater sense of accountability for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for all, backed by a growing research and evidence base on gender equality and human rights. Together we can further advance a progressive SRHR agenda, providing the greatest hope and a powerful bulwark […]

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is an international campaign that takes place each year. It commences on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and runs until 10 December, Human Rights Day.  The extent of violence against women and girls across the world is alarming and is […]

World Refugee Day: Advancing SRHR in humanitarian crises

Each year, the number of people affected by humanitarian emergencies continues to increase. Addressing the sexual and reproductive health needs of people affected by such emergencies is a global issue of critical importance. The respect, protection and fulfilment of sexual and reproductive rights of those affected by humanitarian crisis requires evidence and human rights-based action […]

Where change is possible: the Panzi Model, advocating for holistic, integrated care for survivors of conflict related sexual violence

Written by Dominique Vidale-Plaza, Gender Based Violence Specialist, Mukwege Foundation   While the prevention of and response to conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV) has become a hot-topic issue in recent years, victims still remain largely without access to critical, and in some cases, life-saving assistance. Survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, particularly CRSV[1], must cope with […]

To Bleed or Not to Bleed? Why We Need to Integrate Menstrual Health in our Sexual and Reproductive Health Work

By Maria Carmen Punzi (PSI/Europe), Odette Hekster (PSI/Europe), Chelsea Polis (Guttmacher Institute), Rubina Hussain (Guttmacher Institute) and Amanda Berry (Guttmacher Institute) Image by Kimber Beck ( Menstruation profoundly affects the way women and girls experience life, form their identities and make decisions about their bodies and sexualities. Despite how important menstruation is throughout girls and […]

Framing reproductive justice in the context of institutionalized transphobia globally

Written by Naomhán O’Connor, Communications Officer, GATE (Global Action for Trans* Equality) Historically, the movement for reproductive rights and justice hasn’t been the most trans-inclusive space. Reproductive justice is, in essence, about the right to have a child, or to not have a child. For trans and gender diverse people, this goes beyond access to […]

Challenges for achieving sexual and reproductive justice in South Africa

Written by Marion Stevens, Director, Sexual and Reproductive Justice Coalition   Reproductive Justice is defined by three principles: The right to have child; the right not to have a child; and the right to parent children in safe and healthy environments. Twenty years after the evolution of the concept in the United States, the government of […]

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Over the past month we have shared relevant papers from Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters (SRHM) journal on our social media platforms, with the aim of raising public awareness about sexual assault. We have grouped these papers here for easy access. SRHM acknowledges that sexual assault is not limited […]

End of year message and Seasons Greetings from RHM

With 2018 coming to a close and a new year almost upon us, this seems a good time to reflect on the events of the year. And what a year it has been for RHM! RHM celebrated its 25th anniversary earlier this month in London, joined by supporters and friends, old and new. The panel […]

Family Planning in Humanitarian Crises: Essential, Wanted, Needed and Possible

Reproductive Health Matters (RHM) recently attended and exhibited at the fifth International Family Planning Conference in Kigali, Rwanda from 12-15 November 2018. The theme for this year’s conference was “Investing for a Lifetime of Returns.” This year, there was a strong theme of humanitarian crises running through the conference sessions. RHM spoke to several members of the The […]

Human Rights Collection

Editorial Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the UDHR, celebrating sexual and reproductive rights Eszter Kismödi & Laura Ferguson Commentaries  Criminal law and the risk of harm: a commentary on the impact of criminal laws on sexual and reproductive health, sexual conduct and key populations Veronica Birga, Luisa Cabal, Lucinda O’Hanlon, Christina Zampas Aligning human rights […]

World Aids Day: Eliminating stigma and discrimination

In commemoration of the 30th  Anniversary of World AIDS Day, RHM welcomes the news that a Global Partnership for Action to Eliminate All Forms of HIV-related Stigma and Discrimination will be launched on December 10 – Human Rights Day 2018 – and commits to publish and promote research which contributes to the elimination of stigma […]

Youth-centred research to help prevent and mitigate the adverse health and social impacts of pregnancy amongst young people in PNG

Written by Dr. Stephen Bell, Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney, Australia* Associate Professor Angela Kelly-Hanku, Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney, Australia; and PNG Institute of Medical Research (PNGIMR), Goroka, PNG  This blog is presented on behalf of the authorship team of this recently published article. *Corresponding author: [email protected]   Despite persistent international attention, adolescent pregnancy remains a […]

MY experience of the Together For Yes (TFY) campaign

Written by Emma Campbell: Artist, activist, lapsed academic and Abortion Nerd®, all of which she throws into her role as Co-Chair for Alliance for Choice. Learning from previous generations of feminist artists and activists, she illuminates the structural inequalities that face abortion seekers and activists through education, art, campaigning and disruption.   The 25th of May 2018 […]

Imagery, visibility and disability

Written by Lizzie Kiama, Founding Director at This-Ability. She is based in Nairobi, Kenya.   Bodies are where we put our theories of social justice into practice. It therefore follows that the categories in which bodies are placed, willingly or unwillingly, need to be subject to careful critique. In a society driven by narrow, visual […]

Using Free Speech to Undermine Women’s Reproductive Health and Rights: A Brief Analysis of the Latest U.S. Supreme Court Case Supporting Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Written by Nina Sun, Global Advocacy Advisor at the Center for Reproductive Rights.   Access to evidence-based, unbiased and scientifically accurate health information is one of the foundational pillars of medical ethics, as well as the right to health. While this is important in any interaction with the health system, access to accurate information is […]

Open Issue

Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters (SRHM), formerly Reproductive Health Matters, is well known for its twice-a-year journal themed issues, which have gathered collections of papers on current, neglected and forward-looking topics and themes since 1993. Since 2017, in addition to the themed issues, the journal has also accepted, in our annual open issue, papers related […]

The 8th has been repealed successfully and decisively, but what next?

Written by Dr Ben Kasstan (Research Fellow, University of Sussex) and Ms Anamaria Bejar (Director of Advocacy at International Planned Parenthood Federation, UK; Research student, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine) On Friday, 25 May 2018, voters in Ireland unanimously decided to repeal article 40.3.3 inserted into the Irish constitution by its Eighth Amendment, which, […]

Guttmacher-Lancet Commission Resources

Established in early 2016, the Guttmacher-Lancet Commission on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights aims to develop a comprehensive, evidence-based, bold and actionable agenda for key sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) priorities globally. The Commission is an international collaboration that brought together 16 experts from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, with multidisciplinary […]

Humanitarian crises: advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights

Reproductive Health Matters is pleased to present its latest journal issue Humanitarian crises: advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights All articles are available open access via our journal website: TABLE OF CONTENTS EDITORIAL: Care with dignity in humanitarian crises: ensuring sexual and reproductive health and rights of displaced populations Monica Onyango, Shirin Heidari […]

Director’s End of Year Message

Time flies! It is hard to believe that already a year has passed since I wrote my blog summarising 2016. It is time to review 2017. This year started with dismaying news for the SRHR movement: the re-enactment of the Global Gag Rule, a backward policy that will have far-reaching consequences for many people around […]

Call for Papers

An Open Call for Papers SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH AND RIGHTS IN THE ERA OF COVID-19  SRHM Open Issue Updated 10 June 2020* The coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19) has affected aspects of our lives, all over the world, in many ways. As the weeks and months unfold, we are beginning to understand better the impacts […]


Considering the moment, our historical strengths and the needs of the movements working on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) worldwide, these are the 7 Key Outcomes SRHM intends to achieve by the end of 2026: 1- SRH researchers, activists, policy makers, communities use strong rights- and evidence-based SRH knowledge for legal, policy and […]

End of Year Message from the Director

2016 has been a turbulent year, with conservative forces gaining ground and causing women growing anxiety over lingering threats to their reproductive rights. The year also offered a few occasions for celebration: we joined in solidarity with our Polish sisters when they succeeded in stopping a proposed law which, if passed, would have made all […]

The state of global politics: moving beyond despair to concerted HIV activism

Laura Ferguson is Associate Director of the Program on Global Health & Human Rights, Assistant Professor at the Institute for Global Health at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California and Associate Editor at Reproductive Health Matters. World AIDS Day is a time for reflection, remembrance and re-energizing efforts to address […]

State Family Planning Federation (FPFE): solidarity request

RHM signed the public statement submitted to the Home Affairs Ministry of Spain by the the State Family Planning Federation to be reinstated as a public utility. “The Ministry of the Interior of the Spanish government has revoked the declaration of public utility of the State Family Planning Federation (FPFE) upon the request, using moral arguments, of an […]

In solidarity with Polish women online campaign

RHM participated in the online campaign to show solidarity for Polish women #ODZYSKAĆWYBÓR (Regain the Choice), a coalition of feminist and other non-governmental organisations, informal groups and individuals, struggling to regain the abortion choice right Polish women were deprived of 23 years ago. “Polish women could legally terminate pregnancies in safe conditions with no threat to health or life. They could […]

Season’s Greetings from RHM

Seasons Greetings from Shirin Heidari, RHM Director and Editor With the Holiday Season upon us, I want to reflect on the year that has passed and those who have made our progress and success possible. 2015 marked the transition to a new era for RHM. There has been a change in leadership, with Marge Berer […]

Remembering Savita: a round up of articles on her death, its causes and impact

On the third anniversary of the preventable death of Savita Halappanavar we have collated some of the pieces on the law, policies and practices that resulted in her death; and a range of views on the new Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, the Irish government’s response to the tragic death. Termination of pregnancy as emergency obstetric care: the […]

Letter of Solidarity for Polish Women

RHM endorsed a letter calling MPs, the Speaker and the Prime Minister of Poland to vote against the citizen’s bill amending the Act on Family Planning, Protection of the Human Fetus and Conditions of Pregnancy Termination and related Acts, submitted by the Committee “Stop Abortion” that would make abortion illegal in all cases. The letter was submitted […]

Submission on General Comment on Article 6 (Right to Life) under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) to the United Nations Human Rights Committee By Reproductive Health Matters

Submission-on-General-Comment-on-Article-6_FINALReproductive Health Matters has submitted written input to the work of the Human Rights Committee in preparation for a General Comment on Article 6 (Right to Life) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Our comments are limited to the issue of maternal mortality, unsafe abortion, including as a result of criminalisation of abortion […]

ARROW response to Protection of the Family Resolution at HRC 29th Session

RHM endorsed a statement by ARROW in reaction to a Protection of the Family Resolution that has been tabled at the UN Human Rights Council, 29th Session, Geneva. The statement outlines why this is problematic as it can conceal and bring about human rights abuses to the constituencies we work with. Sponsors continuously refuse to include recognition that in […]

Sister: An Intimate Portrait of a Global Health Crisis – film review

A film by Brenda Davis. 2014. 86 minutes. Multiple languages with English sub-titles. A review by Sarah Rudrum Woman and child, Tigray, Ethiopia Following the challenging work of health care providers in Ethiopia, Cambodia, and Haiti, Sister introduces personal stories that illustrate factors contributing to ongoing high rates of maternal mortality. In Tigray, Ethiopia, Goitom […]

A Quiet Inquisition

A film by Holen Sabrina Kahn and Alessandra Zek, Chicken & Egg Pictures, 2014 (65 min), in Spanish with English subtitles A review by Marge Berer This is a film about Daniel Ortega’s betrayal of Nicaraguan women. Made over a period of several years, this documentary film features the experiences of young, rural, pregnant women […]

Equitable policy to attain universal reproductive health: the example of Cuba

Written by Jonathan Broad (MBChB, MClinEd), Research Associate in Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol. Jonathan Broad has an interest in global health and the social circumstances, particularly in childhood, which underpin lifelong health inequalities.   I read with great interest Sundari Ravindran’s call for advocacy against neoliberal globalisation and its damaging effect on reproductive health through […]

RHM submission the the online consultation for ‘The World We Want 2015’

Reproductive Health Matters submitted the following contribution to the online consultation for “The World We Want 2015”. It’s in the “Health in the Post-2015 Development Agenda” consultation under the “Lead Theme” on AIDS, health and development. 1.Successful AIDS responses have involved comprehensive prevention, treatment, care and support, taking account of social determinants of health. HIV […]